Grain to Glass,
Field to Friend

We are an all-grain, family-owned distillery that brings premium craft spirits to Saskatchewan.

About Us

Thank You

We are ecstatic to see our customers appreciate our handcrafted spirits from the labour of love that goes into making quality from grain to glass From everyone at Hudson Bay Distillers, we sincerely thank you for all the support over the years!

The Karchut family


Brandishing the built-not-bought attitude, construction began in July of 2017. Having a diverse knowledge of trades, most of the work was done by the three. It was extremely challenging to navigate through the design, construction, and legalities while still working full-time jobs. A year and a half later, having survived more curveballs than one could count, they took an empty Quonset and created a grain-to-glass distillery.

On October 31, 2018, the family made its first sale. Working through production issues, they quickly realized that 55 gallon capacity was not going to make the cut! By 2020, Hudson Bay Distillers is 600 gallon per day capacity.

Our Products

In addition to our original Aurora Vodka, we also offer a line of non-carbonated coolers.