Why is your company named 'Hudson Bay Distillers' but your facility is in Landis?

The original plan was to build the distillery in Hudson Bay, where we have lived since '95. However, zoning issues forced us to change locations to a farm owned by Kim's (co-founder) grandfather. Due to the rebranding costs, we stuck with the name because we still are Hudson Bay Distillers.


Where is Landis?

Landis is located in between Biggar, SK, and Wilkie, SK, on Highway #14. Don't blink, you might miss it!


Where do you get your grain?

Our exclusive grain supplier is Wheaton Farms. With generations of farming experience and accolades, they set the standard for great neighbours. 


Do you source your alcohol (NGS)?

Absolutely not! We are one of the few distilleries in Saskatchewan that can proudly call ourselves a grain-to-glass facility!


Why do you use malt barley for vodka?

As lovers of fine single-malt whisky, we knew that was our target. In the meantime, we needed to create product lines to keep the lights on while our whisky ages. By keeping our mash bill the same for both our vodka and whisky, we thus simplify our grain inventory. Also, for us, we prefer to have a complexity to our spirits; malt barley does just that. 


Where does the spent grain go?

All our spent mash gets pumped out to pasture-raised pigs! Everything that they cannot eat is cultivated into the soil as fertilizer.