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The first original spirit that we created was our Aurora line of spirits. This line has a mash bill of 100 percent malt barley. Now, you might be thinking there is nothing new or original about spirits made from malt barley. This may be true, but only to an extent. What makes our project unique is what we are making from that barley: vodka. Vodka is generally made with cheap grain, like wheat, and using malt barley is quite rare. Aurora is a fine sipping-style of vodka that quickly made its mark in the hearts of vodka drinkers, especially those who enjoy eastern European-style vodkas.

The release of our Aurora spirits also marked the start of our malt whisky. Branded as Silas Single Malt Whisky, this line is named after my great-grandfather Silas Short of Scotland. This line of spirits uses a mash bill of 100 percent malt barley. Once again, there may seem to be nothing new about single malt whisky; however, our single malt uses processes that are exclusive to our Silas line. These unique twists in the process produce wonderful unpeated single malt. 

Our next release was a line of coolers that are made with our Aurora Vodka. After a lot of research, we created the Aurora 44 line of coolers, named after our 44 Massey tractor. Per our customers’ requests, the 44 lineup consists of four flavours of non-carbonated, not-too-sweet coolers. 

Our latest original spirit line is our Anvia line of spirits. Anvia has a mash bill of 100 percent pulse crops, the first of its kind in the spirit industry. Each pulse crop brings with it its own chemical attributes, which are used to enhance the other pulse crops and are essential for a mashable grist. This blend of pulse crops produces a wonderful spirit with subtle notes and an incredibly smooth sipping finish. 

Now that we have created the mash bill, we have begun barreling this spirit to produce an all-vegetable based whisky to go along with our Anvia Vodka. Of course, when it comes to creating a spirit, the mash bill is just the beginning of the journey. There are many variations in the fermentation and distilling process that enable us to create two different products, a whisky and a vodka, out of the same grist. We believe that the extra work is worth it. 

Next up for Anvia is a line of coolers, made from our Anvia Vodka. Much like the Aurora line, our Anvia coolers will have different fruits and flavours while also having the added benefit of being gluten-free and free of allergens associated with a cereal-grain based spirit. Stay tuned for more exciting developments on that front. 

As you can see, here at Hudson Bay Distillers we are not just looking to produce another flavoured vodka or add to the growing number of Apple Pie Moonshines on the market. Our spirit lines start with a dream of making something new and one of a kind. Instead of researching the latest fads, we instead work hard to research the chemistry in each mash bill that we want to create. 

We have a saying here: we don’t just jump on the band wagon, we build the band wagon. Creating spirits is the whole point of owning a craft distillery, and the only limit is our imagination.

-Tim Karchut


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